with a team of experts,
including neuroeducational



RESET Learning is an educational center that focuses on building foundational learning skills. The 18 week program covers brain-based learning subject areas such as the learning brain, memory and information retention tools, reading skills, and study habits.

Every week, students attend an hour-long in-person class with a 1:4 teacher-student ratio. Each session kicks off with 10 minutes of exercise in our spin cycle studio to boost brain blood flow and energy.

During the session, students will be guided through expert-designed curriculum to increase their academic capacity.

As a part of the program, students are asked to integrate their learning in their day to day lives through practice and journaling to establish healthy habits to support their academic life.

Students will be exposed to various research-based strategies that will equip them with a learning toolkit. This will enable them to become efficient learners skilled in areas such as test preparation, organization, time management, goal setting, study habits, and self-regulated learning, reducing educational anxiety.

The program increases in complexity and builds upon established learning skills as students return year after year to support them with their ever increasing academic demands.

The in person sessions are followed by flexible

Monthly Check in sessions.

The check in sessions support learners to implement strategies, create healthy habits, as well as to set and meet their goals.
*now enrolling winter and spring terms