Why a Digital Break (Digital Detox) is Vital for the RESET Program

Ever catch yourself or your child mindlessly scrolling through a screen, losing track of time?It's a common scene in many homes, including mine. The RESET Program is here to offer a refreshing pause from this digital whirlwind.

What Makes RESET Stand Out?
RESET isn't just another class for kids. It's a transformative experience for them, and honestly, there's a lesson in it for all of us. Instead of just feeding information, the RESET program teaches how to genuinely engage with learning. Think of it this way: it's not about spoon-feeding answers, but sparking the curiosity to find them.

The Need for a Screen Time-Out:
'Digital detox' is like a short vacation from our screens – be it phones, tablets, or computers. It's not just our kids; even we, as adults, sometimes find it hard to think straight after hours on screens. In RESET, we aim to give everyone a break, ensuring clearer thoughts and better focus.

How Does RESET Do It?
Over 18 weeks, with a once-a-week meetup, RESET brings back the charm of distraction-free learning. Without the usual beeps and notifications, it's all about interactive activities and meaningful discussions. And believe me, it’s as engaging for kids as it is enlightening for adults.

Striking the Right Balance:
Technology isn't the enemy; over-reliance on it is. While our kids grow in a tech-dominated era, it's essential – for them and us – to know when to unplug. RESET emphasizes this balance, reminding everyone that sometimes, it's okay to put the device down and dive deep into learning.

In essence, RESET isn’t just for our kids; it's a gentle nudge for all of us. A reminder of how we can coexist with technology, harness its benefits, yet not lose touch with the organic joys of focused learning and thinking.


*now enrolling winter and spring terms